Our Story

Where it all Began:

The Trendy Traveler was established in 2016 by Olivia Monet and Michael Hanson, a New York couple who share a love for travel and quality travel gear. Olivia and Michael spent their first few years as a couple long distance, while Olivia studied business at Penn State University and Michael pursued a career in photography in New York. It was during this time that the couple first began to ponder the idea of starting a travel business.

When the couple reunited during breaks from school, they typically spent their limited time together traveling, exploring new places and doing photography. During one of the couples oversea adventures, they realized they needed some new luggage.

Being college students, the couple searched for the most affordable luggage they could find. They found a fairly inexpensive luggage set and quickly purchased it. During their trip, Olivia and Michael realized that one of their pieces of luggage had ripped open during their travels. It was during this trip that the couple realized the lack of affordable and quality  travel gear and accessories available in the market. They saw an opportunity to provide the world with a one stop shop for all of their travel needs.

Before Olivia returned to Penn State, Olivia and Michael made a promise to each other. They decided that once she returned to NY from her studies, they never wanted to let their work or schooling limit them from being together and traveling the world. They began to make a plan to start a business together where they could share their love for travel, and quality travel products with  the world.

The couple created The Trendy Traveler’s, an online shop for quality travel gear and accessories at an affordable price. The creation of The Trendy Traveler’s allowed Michael and Olivia to procure quality travel gear from around the globe, while allowing them to travel the world. 



The Trendy Travelers is your go to online shop for all of your travel essentials. At The Trendy Travelers, we make it our mission to provide our customers with all of the things they need to prepare for their travels, so they can focus their energy on the road ahead.

At The Trendy Travelers, we procure our merchandise directly from our manufacturers, which allows us to provide our customers with quality merchandise at lower costs.

We offer free shipping on all of our products.